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А как её сделать? Ирен,если вам попадаются,как вы считаете маги-шарлатаны,то это ваша. Button Bugs! Posted on August 20, by Busted Button. My 10 year old daughter, and my 8 year old niece were in a crafty kind of mood, so I suggested. ГОСТ задает химический состав деформируемых алюминия и алюминиевых сплавов. 03/05/ · I’m not great at estimation, but I still try to do it on any project I’m working, even if it’s just for my own benefit. I break down different bits. 13/05/ · A new quantum memory on the horizon. Sensitive measurements can be used to detect signals from an individual ion in a crystal.

I break down different bits of the work, and ask myself two questions:. I leave that to the end. It was a layout that I figured would take maybe half a day of wrangling CSS.

I used CSS grid and I was done in five minutes. It was literally five minutes. Normally my next step would be to figure out how to translate those wishes into floats and clears, or maybe flexbox. But this time, there was almost no translation.

I think I may need to recalibrate the estimation part of my brain to account for just how powerful CSS grid is. Have you published a response to this?

Let me know the URL :. I did not intend to send my entire article as a reply WM. Please feel free to delete that! React devs: I want to throw out the entire browser rendering pipeline and re-write it in my framework so I have complete control over it all. CSS devs: I just told the browser what I wanted and it did all the work for me.

I was done in five minutes. Makes my life easier on a daily basis. Having control of the DOM rendering is good, I worked in an app a few years ago where rendering was actually an issue.

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I wanted to do a like-for-like replacement and stick with the 12 column layout. Based on this clever repeating column trick from the Mozilla Developer Network this is how I went about it.

Taking a small-screen first approach, set the immediate children to span 10 of the columns, offset by one:. Adding my. Then as the viewport gets wider, I can just do this on the required breakpoints:.

I could have simplified the syntax and removed the line names by omitting col-start , but named lines are very powerful and I might want to play with them later.

The end result is my CSS payload has gone from around 20k to just under 6k, and my markup is a lot simpler.

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It was ridiculously quick and painless. As Jeremy said :. Thanks to Mat for pointing me towards to Pun Generator for the title. One piece of my motivation in writing CSS in Depth was to try to articulate some of those things.

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  • Today I want to take a different tack. Understanding these aspects of the language, I think, is key to becoming proficient in CSS. If you were to randomly delete a chunk of code out of a JavaScript file, the app or page using it would almost certainly come crashing to a halt and much of the script if not the page as a whole would become useless.

    If you do the same thing to CSS, you might not even notice. Almost everything apart from that specific section of code will continue to work as intended. We call this resilience. But this is an essential piece to how CSS works. It may take some getting used to, I admit. This is what makes progressive enhancement possible. Consider this example of a grid layout.

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    In JavaScript, you give specific, step-by-step instructions how to make something happen. In CSS, you tell the browser what you want to have happen, and it works out the how. This is extremely important to understand.

    If you get it right, CSS will do all the hard work for you! Writing CSS is effectively setting up a system of constraints. There are too many variables to consider. Define some constraints. Let the language work out the details.

    What does it do? It also adjusts the line wrapping of text in the container, as fewer words will now fit on each line. Finally, it also specifies a value for the local meaning of em. Any other properties defined using ems will have their computed values updated to match.

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    That one declaration creates a whole slew of changes on the page. The browser makes all those calculations and does the work by default. If you want to stop these things from happening, you can. You could cap the container height with a max-height and overflow: auto. Some of the newer features in CSS do even more. Flexbox and Grid are prime examples of this. It takes about three lines of code. If you were to do this imperatively, you would need to deal with all sorts of odd scenarios.

    What if the viewport is very narrow? What if one box has a ton of content and another contains just a few words?

    All the hard thought for this has already gone into the spec, and the browser takes care of it for you. This is the power of a declarative language. And for years, this sort of thing was a large part of CSS development. Thankfully, with the rise of Flexbox and Grid, we can do far more than we could in the past, without any hacks and yes, floats were a hack. If this limitation still bothers you, I suggest you read up on CSS Houdini , which is just beginning to land in browsers.

    In the React era, we have embraced the extremely useful approach of modular, component-based development. There are two reasons for this. First, and most obvious, is that your app should have some global styles.

    You will almost always want to set a default typeface and font size at the page level. You will also want certain aspects of your design to apply repeatedly throughout the page, such as theme colors, border radii, box shadows, and common margin sizes.

    More localized styles on the page will then assume these global styles are in place. Second, and more subtle, is the way CSS and your styling decisions are informed by the surrounding context of the page. Consider applying the following CSS to an element:. What will this code do? Without knowledge of where the element is in the DOM and what styles are applied to the rest of the page, there is no way to know.

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    Absolute positioning is done relative to the nearest positioned ancestor; applying it means different things depending on which ancestor, if any, has positioning applied.

    Furthermore, how you can or cannot stack one element in front of another is going to be highly dependent on where the two are positioned in the DOM. Shuffling items around in the DOM can cause drastic effects on the way items fit together and stack. This is why document flow and stacking contexts are a vital and sometimes complicated topics.

    But the contextual nature of CSS is also due in part to the way design works.

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    Removing that beam has ramifications on the structural integrity of the whole thing. Similarly, changing one part of a design can have ramifications on how other items on the screen are perceived. Frequently, you will need to style multiple elements together, in conjunction.

    If you make the heading in a tile bigger, for instance, it becomes more prominent to the user and therefore makes other items on the screen seem less important.

    Parts of the page render in a physical space on screen, and the realities of the physical world and how we perceive it are important to be aware of.

    We like to architect software using principles of modularity and encapsulation. This makes sense in the world of code, because code is complicated and this breaks the problem up into manageable sizes.

    These three aspects make CSS different than conventional programming languages.

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  • My whole post showed up as a reply on your site. Not intended! As someone just beginning with CSS Grid after spending a few years hiding in Bootstrap because a float would never do what I told it I am loving a Grid.

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  • I can picture how I want the layout to work in my head and quickly get that onto paper and then into a text editor. It was always a system of possibilities. Unlimited ways to make things the way I want things to look. Problem was before CSS Grid I never really had enough skill or the time to learn to get the stuff out of my head and on to the web. That has all changed with CSS Grid. If your post is marked up as an h-entry, I pull in the whole thing. Liked by Joe Mullan on Thursday, May 3rd, at pm.

    Liked by Migi Kaspar on Friday, May 4th, at pm.